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Welcome to the Paterson Police Department's Interactive Website. The Paterson Police Department is the largest accredited Police Department in the State of New Jersey. The men and women of the Paterson Police Department have dedicated their lives to protecting you and your families through law enforcement and there is no quality of life if our homes and neighborhoods aren't safe and our children and seniors are left unprotected. 


Anonymous TIPS Submission 

program has been temporarily suspended

Both our Mobile APP & website provide fully anonymous tips submission and increase our community involvement in solving or preventing crimes; Each tip is encrypted to protect the source identity and Anonymity confirmed by FBI testing.
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Community Alerts

Sign up for our "Community Alerts" in order to receive alerts regarding events in your area such as crime, fugitives, Amber Alerts, and emergencies through our website or email.
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Paterson Alert System

Get alerted about emergencies and other important community news by clicking on the link below to sign up for our Notification System.
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Our Leadership

Paterson Police Director Jerry Speziale
Police Director for the Paterson Police Department with a staff of (400) sworn and (125) civilians. The City of Paterson is the 2nd most densely populated City in the United States with 165,000 residents, among 56 different ethnic and religious backgrounds in an area of 8.6 square miles. 

program has been temporarily suspended

Eyes On Paterson

Keep your family, friends and our community safe by adding your  surveillance cameras and signing up for “Eyes On Paterson” initiative.

Eyes On Paterson

Paterson Police Department is partnering with the community to safe guard Paterson by keeping our Eyes On Paterson.  Together we can make Paterson Safer. Simply follow these two steps to add your surveillance camera(s):

  1. Complete the form regarding your surveillance camera(s). 

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