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paterson police Chief Ibrahim m baycora


Chief Ibrahim M. Baycora was appointed to the Paterson Police Department on January 14, 1988.

Chief Baycora rose through the ranks of the department commanding operational, investigative and administrative functions throughout the department. During this time, utilizing a varied and diversified career trajectory, the chief gained valuable experience and insights into all aspects of police organizational structure. Chief Baycora has attained numerous certifications in a variety of professional development courses at both the management and executive level. He is also the recipient of department commendations and has received accolades for both his honorable service and dedication to the community.

Chief Baycora attended Paterson P.S. #13, #15, Martin Luther King School and is a proud graduate of Eastside H. S. Attending both Boston University and Rutgers, he holds a B.A. in Business Administration and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering.