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Paterson Police Department


Police: Paterson bodega owner had no financial ties to his killer
Paterson man pleads not guilty in killing of store owner
Police: Six suspects arrested in Paterson street robbery
Paterson man charged with attempted murder for North 3rd Street shooting, police
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About this picture: The Honorable Mayor Jose “joey” Torres and Police Director Jerry Speziale proudly announce that the recent group of twenty‐five (25) police recruits hired on July 21, 2014 will formally graduate the police academy on Friday; December 19, 2014. 


Welcome to the Paterson Police Department's Interactive Website. The Paterson Police Department is the largest accredited Police Department in the State of New Jersey. The men and women of the Paterson Police Department have dedicated their lives to protecting you and your families through law enforcement and there is no quality of life if our homes and neighborhoods aren't safe and our children and seniors are left unprotected.

Our pledge of police legitimacy is paramount and we are committed to safe roads, transportation, schools, parks, waterways and neighborhoods through a department that puts the "Public" first. 

Upon being appointed by Mayor Jose “Joey” Torres, I fully understood that it’s my obligation to step up to the challenges of our shared vision of a responsible Police Department characterized, above all, by the integrity of its leadership. 

Furthermore, I pledge that our goals of excellence in service will not be compromised and my door will always be open to the community.

Best regards,

Jerry Speziale
Police Director