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We Want You!

We will be hosting a Recruit Readiness Program  for those who applied for the NJ LEE to become a Paterson Police Officer. Fill out the form (Click here)  if you are interested in attending. 

**Paterson Police Recruitment Readiness Program is free of charge. 


Become a Police Officer, join Paterson's Finest

The City of Paterson is a NEW JERSEY CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION - LAW ENFORCEMENT jurisdiction, therefore, all phases of the recruitment, selection, and hiring process for entry level law enforcement positions conform to the rules and regulations established by the New Jersey Civil Service Commission and City of Paterson Code. Entry-level examinations are conducted exclusively by the New Jersey Civil Service Commission once every two years.

Applications available online January 3, 2022  and the Application deadline February 28, 2022 (4pm). . Check the  NEW JERSEY CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION - LAW ENFORCEMENT  website for more information.

The mandatory qualifications for appointment as a municipal Police Officer are: 

- Be a U.S. Citizen 

- Have a high school diploma or G.E.D

- Possess a valid NJ drivers license 

- Be between 18 - 35 years of age (some exceptions may apply)

- Must take the NJ 2022 LEE (Law Enforcement Examination) 

- Have good credit

- Good health to satisfy pension requirements;

- Literacy (read, write and speak the English language)

- Good Moral Character (based on contemporary Standards; and 

- Free of criminal conviction involving moral turpitude

** For more information you can reach us at (973)321-1174 and communitypolicing@patersonpd.com

For "Civilian Positions" contact the Personnel Department

The City of Paterson is an Equal Opportunity Employer.